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Master Juggler

—  Master Juggler  — 


As my wife likes to say, a professional Juggler is like a businessman and an octopus trapped in the same body. With dexterity and strength, he balances many balls at once and doesn't have even the slightest moment to lose his cool. He's sharp. He's centered. He knows what he wants. He is the ultimate juggler who shows the world that multiplicity is natural. He seduces. So smooth, in fact, you believe that you could do it too. The extraordinary embodied. The impossible made real. A master of magic and poise.


—  Clown  —


I was so lucky to be invited to perform the Sinister Clown Yorik in the Opera "L'Enfant et la Nuit" in 2011 and the Môme Bonbon in the Opera "Little Nemo" in 2017. Both were a Worldwide creation in Angers/Nantes Opera in France. I did have to sing in both, but fortunately, my role being the Clown, my out of tune singing was part of the interpretation. Or so the audience thought…


—  Busker  —


I started my career as a busker and performed in the street for many years. I loved the idea that I could transform a public space into a theater stage at will. I also value the direct, instantaneous and honest feedback from the crowd. The sense of safety that we can have in a theater is not present in the street. If I'm good, I've got money in my pocket. If I'm bad, no one sticks around. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to listen to my audience and motivated me to improve my skills real fast.

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—  Boylesque  —


So, when I was invited to perform in multiple Burlesque shows in the US, I told myself... why not? Getting naked is kind of fun. Don’t you think?