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I started teaching very soon in my career. In the Circus community, it is common practice to help out each other when we can. We practice our skills daily, usually under the big top before the show, and it is easy to spot little default in each other. We then tell each other to help improve our craft. Although I learned the hard way that not everyone welcomes that custom. Some people don’t like it because they think it’s personal. I don’t. I believe we never stop learning nor getting better. Being in a teacher helps me become better. Because coming up with a clear explanation is challenging my knowledge. It is one thing to share a feeling and another to come up with a clear, comprehensive, logical, and actionable explanation. That being said, not all great artists are great teachers, and not all great teachers are great artists. I learned over time that being a good teacher is a skill in itself. I happen to be lucky and be good at both. If my students are being honest.

I've always been curious. Traveling the world, I had the opportunity to discover many different juggling styles. The specific skills that Chinese artists focus on, the subtle divergence between the Ukrainian and Russian techniques, the profusion of European creativity and the American obsession of catching VS throwing. I quickly realized that no one method was absolutely right. It is more a question of balancing and fine-tuning each student's unique technique. Because everyone is different and has a specific body and skill-set that we should respect and strengthen. That being said, there is a set of fundamental rules of juggling, at the crossroad of our anatomy and the laws of physics. My objective for my students is to master a personal juggling that excludes pain and effort. I believe we can achieve harmony in juggling, and it will look different for everyone. For that purpose, I started a YouTube Channel to teach anyone who wants to challenge themselves to juggle while having fun.


Where I teach

Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montréal ~ Higher National Circus School ~ Canada

Académie Fratellini ~ Higher National Circus School ~ France

Théâtre-Cirqule ~ Geneva Circus School ~ Switzerland

The Aloft Loft ~ Chicago Circus Space ~ USA

The Actors gymnasium ~ Art TRAINING center ~ USA

Turbul’ ~ Nîmes Circus School ~ France

Le Parmelan ~ Annecy Circus School ~ France

Le Salto ~ Alès Circus School ~ France

Une fois un Cirque ~ Confignon Circus School ~ Switzerland



Cyril Rabbath was extremely effective at spotting and correcting over 20 years of bad juggling habits. Within only a few 1 hour sessions with him, I was on my way to retraining and establishing a strong foundation for my juggling routines. Even though Cyril was concentrating on improving my juggling abilities, his philosophy and technic can be applied to all most every facet of physical performance and the circus arts, and I found this to be invaluable.

Jason McPherson, Clown

Cyril blew away my expectations! Given his stature, they were already high, but I came to him a complete novice, and within an hour and a half, he set me on a track of tremendous progress. The whole time, his passion for juggling kept me motivated to keep practicing, and despite his myriad accomplishments, his humility made me feel comfortable to keep trying until I got better. Beyond his technical expertise, he brings an infectious enthusiasm to his craft. His teaching has helped me improve not only in juggling but in other ways as well (e.g., an "it's ok for the ball to drop, so long as you learn from it" attitude). Anyone with the opportunity to experience what a privilege and a joy it is to work with this teacher should seize it or forever regret the missed opportunity!

Clement Dupuy, Juggler Apprentice