— Being Psychic —

What does that mean?

Even though energy is all around us and impacts our everyday life, it is tricky to talk about being psychic in a rational way. Just because it isn’t. As a matter of fact, in French, the word psychic directly translate into “parapsychology.” Witch literally means beyond psychology. That’s why trying to make sense of it intellectually can only denature what being psychic really means…

But let me try anyway by telling you my story. Like all children, I could perceive energy. I was instinctively drawn to some people and irrationally repulsed by others. My instinct was stronger than the “grown-up rules,” and there wasn’t any controlling me from doing this. But then, eventually, I forgot my gut feeling, and I learned to look at the world only through psychological theories, rational behaviors, and scientific explanations. The truth is, at that time, being psychic seemed unreal to me.

I had to learn how to slow everything down to ask myself the right questions. Listen to my heart and avoid pre-made answers. Find out what is really true for me, since there are as many answers in life as there are human beings. To do that, I created a personal and intimate space where both my body and my soul could be at peace. In other words, a psychic space. Even though I don’t dismiss the analytical part of me, I understand now that it doesn’t define me entirely.

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— psychic reading —

The ability to see and validate one's Truth

During a psychic reading, I am in meditation with my eyes closed, and I look clairvoyantly at your aura (the bubble of energy surrounding you) to read the energy present in each layer. There are 7 layers in your aura, connected to different aspects of our life. When I say read, I mean to tell you what I see clairvoyantly in your space. I see colors and pictures that reflect the energy affecting you in your daily life.

Then, you can ask questions about what I just read or any other aspect of your life. Which can be work, relationships, intimacy, desire, goals, etc. Anything at all that matters to you. We all have questions, and there aren't any pre-made answers. I see clairvoyantly what is right for you from what isn’t. So you can be at the center of your life and make the right decisions for yourself.


— Energy Healing —

Health in all the aspects of your life

Energy is very much like water. When it’s stagnant for too long, it turns unhealthy. Simply said: stagnant energy is not healthy. During an Energy Healing, I focus on making your energy flow in your body, your space and your life. You are welcome to share with me any specific issue you want to address in your body and/or your life or let me do my magic.


— Astral Body Healing —

Healing the Dreamer in you

The place where we go to dream is called the astral. It is our space of wonder and imagination. When we remember a dream, sometimes we remember being in the dream. The astral body is the part of us that experience our dreams. An astral body healing addresses the part of you that dreams. This healing is a complex and powerful process. It is designed to bring your dream space closer to your daily life. Even though the purpose of this healing is your astral body, it has a powerful impact on your physical body and the quality of your sleep.


— Creativity Healing —

Uncover the Creative part of you

This is a life-changing healing focus on the artistic, creative part of you. Sometimes it can be hard to know what we want, or how to actually get down to create what we want. Like all the other healings, the creativity healing is based on getting energy back into movement in your life, specifically in your creative space. As you relax and receive, I will focus on your capacity to envision and be in communication with the creative part of you. As well as the other aspects of your creativity so you can start creating freely in your life.



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